Funding The Business

Note that this only applies to the initial service phase of the business. There is no consideration here of a possible future step of transitioning this service line into a product. This is a technology secret.
When it comes to business finance, I am still a novice on the subject, although a bit more knowledgeable on the subject now. I think even a seasoned business finance professional may be challenged with funding what I am planning. As for the friends and family option I do not believe in mixing these relationships and business unless there is a true shared passion for the endeavor. And even still proceed with caution and an understanding that business is business and risk is risky, but friends and family, hopefully, will remain forever. Now you might understand the problem, as I see it, with friends and family as a source of business startup funding.
Now other options are possible but will be an artful maneuvering of strategic fragility. But don’t tell the investors. I had …

A Visit From Dr Tolentino - FireFly

A Visit From Dr. Matt Tolentino
In this writing I will simply refer to our visitor as Matt with the hope that is not taken as an act of disrespect as quite the opposite is true. Matt has earned my respect in the relatively short amount of time he took to speak with us. He is clearly very driven, highly intelligent and has a very busy mind and life. Matt has been busy, to include some of these past and present experiences, figure skating, working at Intel, research and advisory work, organization and community activities, filing patents, completing his Phd, inventing products, starting a business, personally developing his product and even finding more problems to solve with it.
Particularly of interest to me is Matt’s business experiences as he seemed to masterfully leverage his ideas and their potential applications (in the common good) to fund the development and protect his intellectual property. Because of the nature of the first application of his product (FireFly) he was able to g…

Startup Dotcom - The GovWorks
As documented, This story feels more like a motion picture than a documentary. Even the main characters, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman, are fiction like, as portrayed. But they are the central characters in an amazing non-fictional story; although I cannot be certain as to the accuracy of this film’s portrayal of events. Nonetheless, the idea of is as simple as it is brilliant. To solve a problem that is common to most of America and in every municipality in it, perhaps the problem of things as they have always been. You may have detected a bit of misdirection in that last statement but it is not my intent. It is exactly where I am going with my interpretation of these events, as documented in the film. There was misdirection and too many lane changes for the pace of change to be sustained.
People are generally resistant to change; so conducting business online may be slow to catch on for some. But in this case, I think the convenience offered and …

A Visit From Erik Hanberg

Erik had a broad range of experiences in what seemed to be a relatively short time frame. This experience was likely inevitable in scope and overlapping time frames. What I observed to be the reason behind this is that Erik is driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship, that may even be called serial entrepreneurship. He has a constant and evolving interest that seemed to both help and hurt in ways. It hurt in the sense of a changing focus and evolving goal. But it helped in many other ways for the reasons I will now discuss.
If success were measured in happiness and contentment, I Believe Erik has both, and is therefore successful. His multiple interests seem to flow naturally from a creative-arts stand point. Clearly Erik likes creative works and seems just as eager to encourage and support the same in others. I believe that this is where Erik’s passion for his works comes from. I also believe that Erik would consider all of them successes for this very reason, without consideration of …

Missing A Guest

Missing out on the missing day: Guest Speaker Shadrach White
Due to prior and unavoidable commitments I was unable to attend Shadrach White’s visit to the University of Washington, where he spoke to the entrepreneur class of students. I say “the” in reference to the class, because it is the only entrepreneur class on campus to my knowledge. I did learn something about the opportunity I missed during Shadrach’s visit by doing a little research on Mister White, hereafter referred to as Shadrach. And I certainly hope that he does not mind. But to me, it is oddly impersonal, on approach to insult, to refer to someone so formally and in, perhaps an antiquated manner, throughout written content on getting to know the person.
Shadrach has quite a presence in our Tacoma community and a good reputation. He has established an influential presence in the academic circles, with his involvement in the University of Washington’s School of Engineering and Technology advisory board. His presence on thi…

Protecting IP

To protect the intellectual property of what may become a thriving product and service line I must consider both the idea and implementation as having critical value to the product and service. In this consideration I will address these concerns for both the idea and the implementation as pertaining to the service concept and the product concept. The reason for this separation is because the implementation will be sequenced by first starting the service line as a 3d printing alternative shipping, and then expanding this service as a limited line of products the company 3d prints and provides directly. I will discuss these in order of implementation according to the plan. The separation of the implementation of the 2 parts is also a strategy of protection I will discuss.
The service line has value in the idea. There may be other entrepreneurs willing to go at a true, start- from-scratch, implementation of this service. There are also established 3d printing services that would have fewe…

Business- Plan, Execution and Acceleration

On the book titled"The Technology Entrepreneur's Guidebook",specifically: "Entrepreneurship" By Reggie Aggarwal and Mark Esposito∗  AND "A Sensible Approach to Writing a Good Business Plan" By Mark Jauquet∗

These articles were all they promised in the introduction, and then some. They were simple, clear, direct and, real-life-experience relevant. Although I do not know that I will pursue a technology startup, in the end I was convinced, more than ever, in my desire to be an entrepreneur. I stress the words, in the end, because I started convinced and went for a bit of rollercoaster ride of thought and consideration as the content dictated. I believe this was the promise and intent of the author. Not to convince me that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but to tell of the person and pursuit of it and guide a decision.  
Through the course of the reading, and in few pages, I got a real idea of the kind of person it takes to be an entrepreneur. It takes a p…